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Deputy Mayor of Rugao City, Zhanghui, payed his visit to INNOVATES

Number of visits: Date:2015-10-10 16:04

September 10th, the deputy mayor of Rugao, Zhanghui and Secretary of Jiangan Town Gu Weiguo visited our company to inspect the work. Accompanied by President Mao Pingxi, he has visited the company production line of suspension, new factory casting line, machining production lines, our company production site management and technology research and development work to give a high evaluation. Subsequently, the deputy mayor Zhang and company officials held a meeting to learn more about the company's production and research, etc., fully affirmed the achievements of our company in existing and proposed a higher demand; and finally, President Mao Pingxi reported on the company's current business situation, the development of ideas and development planning and last three years of the company's development, city leaders fully affirmed the current situation and hoped  us to move innovation and development model further, integrating internal and external resources, to strengthen research cooperation and achieve better results, setting an example for the development of the city's science and technology research and development.

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