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Nantong Municipal Enterprise Technology Center Assessment Group came to INNOVATES

Number of visits: Date:2015-10-10 16:06

     September 22nd, 2015, the six-member Municipal Enterprise Technology Center Assessment group, which was made of leaders and experts from Nantong Economic and Information Bureau came to INNOVATES and carried out their guidance.

      Accompanied by President Mao Pingxi, the assessment group inspected INNOVATES D&R center and products center. Subsequently, at the assessment meeting held in INNOVATES conference center, President Mao Pingxi introduced the development status of INNOVSTES from the scientific research , IT , equipment investment and long-term planning of our Tech Center. According to The Municipal Enterprise Technical Center Evaluation Form, the group members raised their questions according to INNOVATES developing status, President Mao and Manager Fang answered the questions in details. After the assessment, the group members fully acknowledged our Tech Center, hoping our company to clarify Tech Center responsibility, pragmatically run the center, maintain the advantages and run efficiently to develop the enterprise further.

      Enterprise Technology Center led by the enterprise directly is a higher level development and research institutions, which reflects the technological innovation capability and overall competitiveness of an enterprise. The establishment of enterprise technology center is also related to threshold of reporting major projects, plays an important role in promoting companies to develop new products, improving traditional products and continuously improving product quality and getting more market share.

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